why you need VPN

  • Your Personal Information is Compromised

    Your Personal Information is Compromised

    When you use your mobile phone to surf the Internet, you have already left your personal information on the Internet, and even this information will be stored for hundreds of years. On the Internet, people or organizations with ulterior motives can view all your browsing records on the Internet, including the various personal information you enter. What school you studied at, how many times you have been sick, what hospital you are seeing, what website you are browsing, whether you like sweet or sour food, can be recorded on the Internet, and you will be spied by these people with ulterior motives all the time.

  • Your Physical Location is Being Tracked

    Your Physical Location is Being Tracked

    When you use the Internet to visit a website, or use app functions to communicate with the servers of these apps, your IP address will be obtained by the website owner, app owner, or network attacker. And your ip address is unique in the world. Through ip, you can know your physical location, including your current country, province, street, and house number. Through the ip you are using, they can easily find you in the real world.

  • Your Access to Certain Domain Is Blocked

    Your Access to Certain Domain Is Blocked

    When you are visiting some of your favorite websites, you will find that these websites are not open to your current area. When you want to watch a TV show on the app, you will also find that some shows are not available in your area. The reasons that prevent you from watching may be strange. It may be that you need to pay more, or you need to wait for people in other regions to enjoy it first. This blocking phenomenon can be seen everywhere on the Internet.

  • Your Personal Preferences is Being Monitored

    Your Personal Preferences is Being Monitored

    When you browse a one-click dress on the website one day, and you like it a lot or even want to buy it, you will find that the ad for this dress will appear anywhere on your phone in the following time. When you don’t have enough funds and you start browsing the borrowing platform website, there will be various lending notifications on your phone. Even when you just started to browse the website of buying a house, the phone call for selling the house starts to call on your mobile phone. Any of your preferences will undoubtedly be exposed, the color you like, your favorite food, the softness of your bed, the websites you like to browse, and what kind of romantic partner you like. These exposed preferences will be used by many people with ulterior motives.

  • Your Personal Data is being sold

    Your Personal Data is being sold

    When you inadvertently leak your personal information online, it may be being sold. Especially for us living in the era of big data, using big data for marketing has become ubiquitous, and all big data sources come from the records you generate when you surf the Internet. Your information will be packed with many other user's and sell them. They will use this information to earn back on you to pay for the huge cost of purchasing data. So here I will suggest you to use paid vpn products, most of the free vpn products may collect back and have the risk of selling your personal information. On the Internet, we often encounter various news about user information leakage.

  • What is VPN

    What is VPN

    VPN, also called Virtual Private Network, is the simplest and most effective way for people to protect their Internet traffic and keep their identities private online. When you connect to a secure VPN server, your Internet traffic will pass through an encrypted tunnel that no one, including hackers, governments, and your Internet service provider, can see. Consumers use VPNs to keep their online activities private and to ensure access to sites and services that may be restricted. Companies use VPNs to connect remote employees as if they all use the same local network in a central office. Personal VPN, by comparison, is less profitable.

  • Why fore-mentioned quetions can be solved by using VPN

    Why fore-mentioned quetions can be solved by using VPN

    VPN implements a virtual channel between the user and the network, which can change your real entrance to the Internet. If You are in Washington, using VPN you can log on to the Internet with your Japanese identity and conduct online activities. The VPN will encrypt all the data, so that the data transmission in the virtual channel will be more secure. The changed joining identity allows you to hide your personal information while breaking through more geographic restrictions. A good VPN can also protect your from your internet provider, mobile operator, and others who may be listening so that your activity can not be seen, thanks to its strong encryption layer.

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