• What is a VPN?

    VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest and most effective way for people to protect their internet traffic and keep their identities private online. As you connect to a secure VPN server, your internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel that nobody can see into, including hackers, governments, and your internet service provider.

  • What can i do with Bunny VPN?

    Bunny VPN can protect your privacy and give you access to safer online experience. For example, it can:
    Protect your confidential information and safely connect to any WiFi
    Protect your internet privacy while using BitTorrent and Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
    Bypass geo-restriction and unblock streaming services from all over the world
    Obtain cheaper Online shopping deals/ cheaper Flight tickets
    Protect you against ISP monitoring or beat the hackers

  • How to use VPN?

    It is simple! You only need to click the connect button, and after waiting for a while, you can enjoy the convenience and security brought by our VPN.

  • How to switch server location?

    Selectyour desired country in the server list by clicking the city name (we recommend you to connect the top server as the top server has the strongest signal on your devices).

  • Will Bunny VPN slow down my internet?

    Your internet may be slightly impacted when you connect to Bunny VPN. This is because your online traffic is routed through a secure encrypted tunnel where VPN encrypts your data to ensure safety and security. However, if there is a major drop-down, please change to another protocol or connect to another server. If the issue persists, please try to connect to a different Internet service provider (ISP) as your current ISP might be throttling the internet speed.

  • How many IPs do you have?

    Bunny VPN has thousands of servers in dozens of locations around the globe. Each location can have hundreds of servers, with each server containing thousands of IPs. Server availability varies according to the connection protocol chosen (Lightway, OpenVPN, or L2TP/IPSec). Bunny VPN does not specify the number of available IPs because that may change depending on demand and other factors.

  • Do you log my data?

    Bunny VPN is a privacy-focused company that does not store activity logs or connection logs of our users. Bunny VPN does collect minimal information about the usage of our services in order to identify and address technical issues, but this information cannot be used to connect you to any specific activity or behavior.

  • Does Bunny VPN throttle my connection?

    No. With Bunny VPN, there is no monthly data cap and no ISP service throttling.

  • What do I get with my subscription?

    Each subscription comes with access to all Bunny VPN apps and server locations.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We provide one-time 3-day free trial for new user, you can enjoy optimal and specific server and no-ADs service. Regardless, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime within the trial period in order not to be charged.

  • Do you provide free servers?

    We provide free servers in the application. User can connect to them for free, in order to use certian basic VPN features. At the same time, because of the need for funds to perform server maintenance, users may have to put up with some ads. And because these servers are free to use, there might be a lot of users who are connecting to these servers at the same time, so they may also be crowded for some particular time during the day, which is something that user may have to endure.

  • I still have other questions that are not listed in the FAQ. How can I contact you ?

    For any other questions, or for any issues you have encountered,you can contact us at thebunnyvpn.official@gmail.com.